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Da stefano, 24 Novembre, 2017

"A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them."


At MEDICA 2017,  SOLTEC Srl, an Italian Company, presented TRENDMATIC, the most Effective and Easy to Use Appliance for the surgical instruments reprocessing.
Simple can be harder than complex; SOLTEC R&D Department worked hard to get its TRENDMATIC clean and simple.


Pre-washing and decontamination | Accurate dosing of the amount of detergent controlled by sensor and mixing by ultrasound waves |
Cleaning fluid degassing and secondary decontamination by pulsed ultrasonic waves with contemporary fluid heating | Powerful ultrasonic cleaning
with amplitude modulation and ultrasonic wave signal frequency (SWEEP SYSTEM) | Automatic multiple rinsing water spray cycles with pressure and
dynamic modulation of water level inside the cleaning chamber (Patented System) | Rinsing with hot water and special Thermo-Dry cycle | Final drying with
ventilated hot hair | Cleaning efficiency of Class 1 (anionic surfactans residue of less than 0,1 µg/cm2
With the TRENDMATIC TD also available a Thermal Disinfection Cycle at 93°C for 3 minutes with a A0 minimum value of 3500

All above features in ALL in ONE Automatic Multifunction System. The most effective and easy to use Ultrasound equipment appliance on the market!

What else?

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